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Volume 8 Number 1

Guest Editor: Peter Paul van Loon

Table of Contents

Editorial: Peter Paul van Loon, T.U.Delft, NL

Technical deceits
Richard Coyne and Dorian Wiszniewski

The person and the information society
Louis Chamming's

Ethics and the human aspects of technological change
Graham Scott and Robert Scott

Team design from the individual points of view
Peter Paul van Loon

Technology requirin Teleology
Gerard Lynch

Volume 8 Number 2

Guest Editor: Jean Charles Lebahar

Table of Contents

Editorial: Jean Charles Lebahar

Design and Ergonomics of New Communication Systems: A Few Constructivist Approches
Jean Charles Lebahar

Situated and Distributed Design of a Computer Teaching Device
C. Brassac

Psychodesign of Interaction : Communication System Design for Patient Suffering Amyotrophic Latéral Sclerosis
E. Brangier

Implementation of a Dialogue System through e-mails in a Multi-Specialist Design Process
Jean Charles Lebahar


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