International Journal of
Sciences &Technology
Editors: Edwin DADO & Khaldoun ZREIK

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(Revue habilitée par le CNU 71e et l'HCERES en SIC depuis 2016)

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The papers considered for IJDST cover a wide range of research areas including but not limited to the following topics:

Design research, design science, design thinking, design knowledge, design history, design taxonomy, design technology, design praxeology, design modelling, design metrology, design axiology, design philosophy, design epistemology, design pedagogy, design management, design policy, design politics, design sociology, design economics, design aesthetics, design semantics, design decision-making, design decisions, design evaluation, design sustainability, design logic, design ontology, design logistics, design syntaxis, design ethics, design objective, design responsibility, design environment, design awareness, design informatics, design organization, design communication, design intelligence, design evaluation, design education, design theories, design techniques, design methods, design operations, design processes, design products, design users, design participation, design innovation, design inspired by nature, design case studies, design experiments, etc.

International Journal of Design Sciences and Technology is devoted to further exploration of all themes and issues that are directly or indirectly relevant to the exploration, introduction, discussion of design sciences and technology, cross referencing domains and any other themes emerging in the future.

Proposals can be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief for special issues covering one of the subject areas of the journal or a relevant topic.



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