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Volume 11 Number 1

R. Beheshti, TUDekft,, The Netherlands
K. Zreik, University of Caen, France

Issue Editor: Reza Beheshti

Table of Contents

The æsthetic of precision in virtual design
Tom Loveday

A research into the thinking modes in creative design process
Yukari Nagai and Hisataka Noguchi

General strategic knowledge models and their interaction with domain-specific knowledge in design
Vesna Popovic

Research of information design on 3D-www environments for interactive contents
Naoki Wakabayashi, Taichi Watanabe, Rina Takahashi and Yasushi Harada

Information and cognitive process: a communication theory for design
Peter Storkerson

Volume 11 Number 2

R. Beheshti, TUDekft,, The Netherlands
K. Zreik, University of Caen, France

Special issue:Interconnecting the construction industry
Issue Editors: Reza Beheshti and Alain Zarli

Table of Contents

Innovation co-ordination, transfer and deployment through networked co-operation in the BC industry
Reza Beheshti and Alain Zarli

The Process Matrix: A structured approach to requirements capture in the global eBusiness
Jeffrey Wix, Peter Katranuschkov, Thomas Liebich and Alexander Gehre

The BC industry ICT infrastructures and standards
Reza Beheshti and Edwin Dado

The imperative for learning and training: A proposed social and organizational strategy
Yacine Rezgui and Ian Wilson

The Legal and contractual aspects of networked cooperation for the BC industry
Mark Shelbourn and Tarek Hassan

A framework for future construction ICT
Michel Böhms, Celson Lima, Graham Storer and Jeffrey Wix


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