Second International Workshop on Philosophy of Design and Information Technology

Ethics in Information Technology Design

16-17 December, 1999

Saint-Ferréol, Toulouse - France





    "Smart" houses, "smart" software agents, "smart" cars, "smart" clothes: from the buildings we inhabit, to the software we use, an increasingly wide range of objects are being endowed with "intelligent" capabilities.

    This workshop will bring together practitioners from the fields of IT, design, and ethics, in order to identify and articulate the ethical issues associated with the design, development, and deployment of "smart" consumer products.  The central question this workshop will address is whether "smart" or "intelligent" objects raise new, or highlight existing, ethical issues in terms of their design, development, and deployment.

      • How do such technologies reshape notions of individual responsibility and social trust?

      • Who will be liable for the actions of "autonomous" software agents?

      • Do such artefacts require the use of sensitive information to function appropriately?

      • How might this knowledge be applied in the manifestation of "smart" or "intelligent" objects/systems/products?

      • What issues do wearable computers raise, given the sensitive information that such devices might glean from privileged position on the body of the user?

      • ....


    Through exploration of these and other questions, participants will attempt to engage both the promise and the perils of ubiqutous "intelligent" machines.



      Topics pertinent to the workshop include, but are not restricted to the following:

      • Design Ethics

      • Knowledge/Information acquisition;

      • Knowledge/Information application;

      • Intelligent Systems/Products;

      • Managerial control of Information Technology

      • Privacy

      • Relationship between the designer and the user;

      • ...

    PHDIT'99 Program


    Wednesday, December 15, 1999

    18h 00 - 19h 30: Opening Session

    Event driven Tele-Design society
    Animated by Jacques Madelaine Jean Pierre Goulette, Khaldoun Zreik

    20h00: Dinner

    Thursday, December 16, 1999

    9h 00 - 10h30 : Session 1

    The Person and the Information Society
    Louis Chamming's

    The Human aspects of technological change
    Call Centers: A Case Study
    Robert Scott

    10h30 - 11h 00: Coffee Break

    11h 00 - 12h30 : Session 2

    Education for Ethical Competence in Information Technology Design
    Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos

    Inter-organisational design
    P.P. Van Loon

    12h30 - 14h 00: Lunch

    14h 00 - 15h30 : Session 3

    Technical Deceit
    Richard Coyne and Dorian Wiszniewski

    Communications by e-mail of View Strategies
    Jean Charles Lebahar

    15h30 - 16h 00: Coffee Break

    16h 00 - 17h30 : Working Group Session 1

    White Book Project : Ethics in Information Technology Design
    Animated by Richard Coyne Khaldoun Zreik

    18h 00 - 19h30 : Working Group Session 2

    Design, Informatics and Ethics
    Animated by Tufan Orel and Cherif Branki

    20h00: Dinner

    Friday, December 17, 1999

    9h 00 - 10h30 : Session 4

    Technology and Science: The new model of "basic technology research" based on design.
    Artur Serra

    Knowledge acquisition or manifestation of the thought?
    Cathedral builders and knowledge acquisition method designers
    Francis Rousseaux StephaneLoiseau

    10h30 - 11h 00: Coffee Break

    11h 00 - 12h30 : Session 5

    Enhancing Trust Online
    Kristiina Karvonen

    Technology Requiring Teleology
    Gerard Lynch

    12h30 - 14h 00: Lunch

    14h 00 - 14h30 : Ending Session


    PhDIT'99 International Advisory Board

    Raymond Bélanger, Department of Philosophy, Collège Montmorency, Laval, Canada
    Jean-Francois Blanchette, Science and Technology Studies Departement, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, USA
    Pierre Beust, GREYC, University of Caen, France
    Alan Bridges, Department of Architecture, StraU.K
    Louis Chamming's, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, France
    Richard Coyne, Department of Architecture, University of Edinburgh, U.K
    John Lee, Cognitive Sciences Department, University of Edinburgh, U.K
    Tufan Orel, Europia, Paris, France
    Michael Smyth, Department of Computing, Napier University, U.K
    Vladimir Srdanovic, Center of Multidisciplinary studies, University of Belgrad, Yougoslavia
    Andree Woodcock, Colour and Imaging Institute, University of Derby, U.K
    Khaldoun Zreik, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Caen, France (Workshop Chairman)


    PhDIT'99 International Program Committee

        Artur Serra, Centre for Internet Applications (cANet), Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain

        Reza Beheshti, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, T.U.Delft, N.L

        Mario Borillo, IRIT, University of Toulouse, France

        Cherif Branki, Department of Information System,, University of Paisley, U.K

        Malcolm Crowe, Department of Information System, University of Paisley, U.K

        Yves Dupont, Department of Sociology, University of Caen, France

        Didier Le GAll, Department of Sociology, University of Caen, France

        Eric Guichard, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, Farnce

        Herve LeCrosnier, GREYC, University of Caen, France

        Jean-Pierre Goulette, Li2A, Toulouse School of Architecture, France

        Leglise Michel, Li2A, Toulouse School of Architecture, France

        Sid Newton, School of Design, University of Western Sydney, Nepean, Australia

        Dominique Scapin, INRIA, France

        Bob Scott, Department of Computer Sciences, Caledonian University, U.K

        Peter Szalapaj, Department of Architecture, University of Sheffield, U.K.

        Christopher Tweed, School of Architecture, Belfast, U.K.

        Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco, Department of Architecture, Texas AUniversity, U.S.A.

        Jean Viver, Department of Psychology, University of CaenFrance



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